Modus Operandi

What is this?

First and foremost MO is a social network. Not your average everyday social network though. This is a network for the people out there looking for something more. This isnít just another site where you can stalk your friends or spend hours viewing photo albums. This is a social network that challenges you to interact.

The Problem

You can spend lots of time browsing profiles, but wasnít the point of social networks to branch out and actually meet new people? The problem we came across with social networks is that now we know the names and faces of more people, but weíve never interacted with them unless we already knew them. Most social networks didnít provide a means to interact with new people in a fun way.


Our goal for this site is to provide a means to have fun meeting new people. The sine qua non we found lacking in most social networks is a chat feature. Now you might be asking yourself "What would I chat about?" Thatís where this site comes in. We love mysteries. We think that is one of the reasons we all became software engineers. The premise is simple. In this social network there are Detectives and there are Perps...

As a detective your job is to solve crimes. How do you do that? Chat with people. Itís like a real investigation. Gather clues, interview suspects and submit a report for review.

For those of you with a darker side you can choose to be a Perp. A Perpís job is to commit crimes. But watch out! If youíre sloppy you make it easier for a Detective to catch you!


The most exciting part of this game for us is the freedom of creativity. Since it is primarily chat based, you can craft your story however you want. You can be the master negotiator who stops crimes before they happen. You can be the clever thief that figures out how to infiltrate the most sophisticated security system in the world. Or you can just come in and chat with your friends. Itís up to you.

Whatís your MO?

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